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A few dozens of kilometers away from Kherson there is the largest sandy desert in Europe – Oleshkiv sands. It is located to the east of Tsiuriupynsk and the township of Saghi. You will see there real dunes, alder flood plains, birch groves, meadows and colorful butterflies… A special station was founded there for afforestation to stop the advance of sand on the croplands. A branch of the Forest Institute is located in the former Oleshky, which is in charge of organizing excursions. The Zaporozhian township of Oleshkivska Sich was in existence on the lands of the Crimean Khanate in 1711-1730.

The guides of the Tsiuriupynsk Historical Museum will show you the remains of the legendary settlement, which has not disappeared, but has recently reappeared in the form of the Oleshkiv company of the Ukrainian Cossacks’ Kherson setĀ­tlement. The enthusiasts of the Cossack movement built a “chaika” (boat)of their own and set out on trips up the lower Dnieper.

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