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Our next stop will be in the township of Alupka. Vorontsov’s Palace surrounded with a luxuriant park is the best-known local attraction. The Novorosiysk GovĀ­ernor-General N. Vorontsov founded the palace on the slopes of the Main ridge under the white cliffs of Ai-Petri. The palace was built in Tudor style that combined the romanticism of a medieval knight’s castle and the luxury of an English villa. Now a museum exposition is open at the palace. From the southern facade, which looks like a Spanish Alhambra, the marble stairs guarded by marble lions lead to the terraces of the Lower Park, which descends to the sea. The Upper Park, according to the design of the gardener K. Kebach, was composed of sunny lawns, picturesque ponds and shady groves. The Alupka Park is one of the largest on the Southern coast of the Crimea. From the settlement of Miskhor located nearby Alupka you can ascend, by a cable-way, the peak of Ay-Petri (1,234 m. above sea level). In summer it is a pleasure to walk about the spacious pasture, and in winter, to ski: there are several ski lodges there. In Miskhor you can feast your eyes upon the “Diulber” palace built in Moresque style.

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