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Beyond Aiu-Dag (Bear Mountain) there are the outskirts of the so-called Greater Alushta. Route meanders above Partenit; Kiparisne, and Utios settlements. The last one is a sanatorium on cape Plaka. Its administrative building occupies a miniature castle. It is the former palace of princes Gagarins. The path along the sea shore leads to another magnificent structure – “Karasan” palace which belonged to the Raevsky family. Nearby there is a unique grove of Italian stone-pines. The reserved territory also belongs to the sanatorium.

The highway passing by Kastel mountain leads to the resort city of Alushta. The fortress of Aluston was mentioned as far back as the 6 th century by the Byzantine historian Procopius. 800 years later the Genoese reconstructed the fortifica­tions, but only the remains of two towers have survived to our time. The remains of the lower tower – Ashaga-Kule – are located at the end of 15 April Street, of the up­per one – Orta-Kule – in Volodarsky Street. Noteworthy among architectural relics are the villa of M. Stakheiev in the Maritime Park, the villas “Anna” and “Marina” on the sea-front. Of special note is the dacha “Golubka” (Dove or Darling) (20 Lenin St.). where in 1894 the future emperor Nicholas II met his future wife.

The Regional Historical Museum is situated nearby. It is worthy visiting the dacha of the Beketovs, presently the museum of the well-known architect (4 Komsomolska St). From Alushta you can take an excursion to the mysterious Crimean caves – the Marble and Emine-Bair-Khasar – on the table Chatyr-Daga, and the Red Cave beyond the village of Perevalne. Riding eastward along route turn to the village of Luchyste from where you can rise (on horseback, on foot, or by a car) onto the Demerdzhi Mountain, one of the most beauti­ful peaks of the peninsula. Turning towards the village of Generalske you will get to Dzhur-Dzhur waterfall, which is considered the most full-flowing in the Crimea.

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