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The history of the former Bakhmut (the name of Artemivsk from 1701 to 1924) is typical of many miner’s townships of Donbas. Without going deep into ancient history, we should note that people settled here since olden times – in Paleolithic age. The border with the Wild Field and aggression on the part of the Crimean Tatars made it necessary to set up observation posts and a fortification, so a wooden fortress was built here in 1703. It protected not only handicraftsmen and merchants, but fulfilled quite a special function. At first the Cossack-patrols discovered here lakes of brine and began to extract salt by evaporating water. Before long the authorities decided to attach the salt-works to the treasury, which triggered a Cossack rebellion under the leadership of K. Bulavin (1707-1708), which was cruelly suppressed. In 1721, not far away from the town, there were discovered coal-beds. It was the beginning of industrial develop­ment of the region. From the second half of the 19 th century construction work expanded in the town on a large scale -examples of city building can be seen in Artem, Radianska, Petrovsky and other streets. At the Museum of Local Lore you will get information about the past of the city (26 Radianska St.).

However, we invite you to Artemivsk because of quite another reason – in 1950 the Artemivsk Champagne Winery was founded there in the gypsum duffers (7 Patris Lumumba St.). At a depth of 80 m. more than ten million bottles of sparkling wine are kept in enor­mous caves and labyrinths. It is the greatest enterprise of its kind in Ukraine, where during an excursion you will be shown the whole production process and will be invited to taste different sorts of champagne (it is not advised to go down on an empty stomach!). An excursion should be ordered in advance. The winery is situ­ated in the northern outskirts of the city.

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