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Balaklava.This old fisherman’s township near the quiet bay remembers Tauris, Greeks, Genoese, Turks… Some researches of Homer’s creative work consider that this bay was the one of the blood-thirsty Laestrygonians from whom Odysseus could hardly save himself. Today a walkabout the town and its environs will be to your great delight. First we advise you to stroll along the sea-front (in the early 20 th century Balaklava, due to its magnificent villas, was called Crime­an Venice), then rise onto the mountain to the remains of the towers of Genoese fortress of Chembalo wherefrom there is a wonderful view of the bay, the town, and nearby rocks. The enthusiasts of pe­destrian tourism may walk to the south by the upper paths to the reserved woods of Cape Ayia (it’s better to use the services of a guide). Boats are sailing regularly from the wharfs of the bay to the cape.

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