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It will take you a couple of hours to visit the Bukryn bridgehead near the village of Balyko-Schuchynka To get to – the memorial you should move from the Trinity Church along Komsmolska Street in the direction of the building technical school. After covering a few kilometers, following guide signs, you will come to the village you need. Keep to the main street – it will bring you to the foot of the hill, where once stood the fortress Chuchyn destroyed by the Tatars. In 1943, in the course of the battle of Kyiv, it was planned to carry out here a deceitful maneuver for the Nazi army. More detailed information you will obtain at the Museum of Bukryn Bridgehead. On top there is a grandiose monument to warrior-heroes.

The remains of the wall, a plaque and a sculpture of a Rus-dweller remind one of an old Rus fortress.

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