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Bohuslav lies on route (turning to the left before Myronivka). Once the little boy Taras Shevchenko came here on foot from his native Moryntsi. Bohuslav is known from the 12 th century as one of the advanced posts of Kyivan Rus. However, the city became really famous due to the legendary figure of Marusia Bohuslavka – a Ukrainian captive who freed some 700 compatriot-Cossacks from the Turkish prison. Now a monument to the fearless girl rises on the picturesque bank over the Ros’ River.

Driving along the main street you will see the Trinity Church on the right (we recommend you to visit it), and the Museum of Local Lore (36 Shevchenko St.) on the left. Turning left you get to a broad bridge; beyond the bridge, near the bus station, stands the monument to Marusia Bohuslavka. The city also retains the memory of Marynka Hryzun, a courageous patriot who saved several wounded Red Army men during the Great Patriotic War, paying for it with her life.

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