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The memorial settlement of Busha is situated on the banks of the Murafa and Bushanka rivers, 20 km. away from the district center of Yampil. The settlement-fortress concealing itself in a deep gully was part of fortifications protecting the Dniester reaches from enemy attacks. The French engineer L. Boplan mentioned it in his book”Description of Ukraine.” The fortifying and replanning of the fortress continued until the mid17 th century, when in 1654 Polish troops under the leadership of S.Czernecki dislodged B.Khmelnytsky’s Cossacks from Sharhorod and closely approached Busha. Several thousand villagers and Cossacks defended the fortress. The Polish army was 30 thousand strong, but the defenders decided to fight to the bitter end. The feat of the local captain’s wife, Maryana Zavisna, forever entered the history of Ukraine: to avoid being captured, together with the last defenders, she blew up the fortress. After the battle the history of the fortress and settlement came to a standstill for almost a century. The castle was not restored, and today only the reconstruction of the tower and museum, where interesting folk festivals and plein-air sessions for sculptors are organized, remind one of its glorious past. State historical and cultural reserve “Busha” (vil. Busha, Yampil district).

In 1883 the Ukrainian archeologist V.Antonovych discovered a mysterious cave in Busha’s characteristic fractures. It contained the remains of a unique pre-Christian pagan temple of the Eastern Slavs of the 2 nd-5 th centuries. According to researchers this finding has no analogues. On the walls of the cave one can see the mysterious representations of a deer and man kneeling under the tree and holding a cup in his hands. The memorial entered history under the name “Busha Relief.” The latest archeological research proves that the ravine was used for monastery cells in the 16 th-17 th centuries. If you want to visit the cave you should report to the scientific department working in the museum territory.

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