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Following the route to the west we pass Mizhvodne, where tents and rec­reation centers are located. The settle­ment of will be the next inhabited locality. The age of the township dates back to the period of the Greek colonization of the peninsula (5 th cent. B. C), when the city state of Kalos-Limen situated on the coast of the Narrow bay was in full swing. The city, encircled by walls one and a half meters high, was situated in the northern outskirts of the great Chersonessos possessions. Vineyards and wheat fields surrounded the harbor center (wine and wheat were the main item of the local export). People settled on the coast long before the Greeks – from Cro-Magnons to Cimmeri­ans. Those who want to get detailed information may address the Museum of Local.

Centuries went by, peoples disappeared, names changed, and in place of fortress walls appeared pas­tures… The remains of the former flourishing city were discov­ered by archaeologists who made an attempt to restore blocks of buildings, streets, and palaces. All this can be seen in the territory of the Historical and Archaeological Reserve “Kalos-Limen”. In the central square of town there is the Church of SS. Zacharios and Elisabeth. Built in 1838 on money of Count M.Vorontsov, who was the owner of the Tatar settlement of Ak-Mechet at that time, the sanctuary was not only a Christian temple, but also a beacon entered into the list of international sailing directions.

This circumstance saved the church from be­ing ruined during Soviet times. By deci­sion of the local authorities its bell tower was immured in concrete. Unfortunately this “clothing” cannot be removed…

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