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The next historical object is found at the entrance to the village of Danivka. The descendents of the hetman family also had part in building up the Danivka Convent of St. George founded by the monks of the Trinity Cloister. The sister of Aleksey Rozumovsky (husband of Yelizaveta Petrovna) and Cyril Rozumovsky (hetman, grandee of Catherine II), Vira, married the colonel of Kyiv regiment Yukhym Darahan. In 1775 the married couple allotted money for the construction in the territory of the monastery the graceful St. George’s Cathedral in Ukrainian baroque. To get to the convent one should turn in Kozelets central square (to which leads Komsomolska St.), according to the direction sign, towards Danivka (I.Franko Boulevard). The road in Rozumovsky Family St. needs repairs, so it’s good the distance is short. On covering seven kilometers, near the cracked birch tree there is a direction sign to the left. One may get to the territory of the convent together with pilgrims or during service (7.00 and 16.00). The rules here are strict so keep to dress-code. In the interior of the cathedral, due to almost white colors of the iconostasis, reigns a light and sublime atmosphere. The temple’s most revered relic is the wonder-working icon of the Virgin painted by Ioann Kronshtadsky.

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