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The village of Dobranychivka is located near Tashani so, at the same time, it’s possible to see the dwelling of the primitive man. It is on the way to Yahotyn, the pavilion is on the left at the exit from the village. If the museum is closed, call Yahotyn Historical Museum, and a museum employee living in the village will be at you disposal in a few minutes. Though it’s better to make arrangements in advance for a certain time.

It’s not uninteresting to know how a mammoth hunter’s complex was discovered. In the 1950 s a road was built, and, leveling a hill with excavator, the workers discovered huge bones. The road-builders were surprised but continued to work. If it were not the local history teacher, the sensational finding would have perished… The digs brought to light the remains of four dwellings, a household storehouse, production centers, weapons, household articles, adornments. A pavilion has been installed over one of the complexes, where visitors can see how our distant ancestors lived and what they did.

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