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To visit Eski-Kermen, the largest settlement of the caves in the outskirts of Bakhchisaray, you should move westward. From the southern outskirts of the village of Zalisne you turn right to the earth road. In a few minutes you will get to a parking lot located at the foot of the mountain on the top of which there is the site of the ancient settlement of the caves. We ascend the path running along the eastern mountain side by the Church of Three Horsemen cut out in a huge rock, to the main street of the town founded as far back as the 6 th century. Naturally you will not see rich buildings, magnificent temples, or the like. There are rocks all around, but there remained caves for keeping grain, wine, etc. In the rock mass you can see observation posts, deep wells, secret rooms. Destroyed and abandoned city overgrown with dog-roses and hawthorn bushes will not disappoint you, in contrast it will excite your imagination, which will quickly restore everything that has been lost over centu­ries. Besides from the plateau there is a wonderful panorama of the peak of the Inner mountain range.

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