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Present-day Gurzuf is the eastern environs of the Greater Yalta (look at map). The city is very old. The Tauris built a sanctuary in the mountains above the city before Christ, which is the largest in the Crimea. The settlement was of interest to the Romans. The emperor Justinian I ordered to build a fortress on the shore, and name it Gorzuvity. In the 13 th century Gurzuf was part of the Theodore principality, later it belonged to the Genoese, and then to the Tatars. After the Crimea was joined to Russia it became a city of the Russian empire.

In the early 19 th cen­tury Armand de Richelieu, the founder of Odessa, built there a building. He visited the estate only two times, but invited nu­merous friends of his to put up there. In 1820 the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin sojourned at the house. Now it is the poet’s museum; it can be visited with an excursion. Don’t miss an opportunity of visiting the park of the Military sanatorium, which has a number of the so-called Gubonin’s hotels built in the latter half of the 19 th cen­tury by the owner of the resort, Peter Gubonin. In front of two of them there are the fountains “Night” and “Rachel.”

Gurzuf is well known far and wide due to the children’s camp “Artek.” The picturesque scenery, the sea, the Adalary and Dzhenevez-Kaya cliffs, the Bear Mountain always attracted creative persons. The artist K. Korovin, writer A.Chekhov, and singer F.Chaliapin were frequent visitors to the city. The A.Chekhov Memorial Estate is functioning in the city.

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