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The city Henichesk of in Kherson region was founded at the close of the 18 th century under Catherine II’s decree. Previously the small Turkish fortress of Genichi (Dzhenichi) was situated in this place. The resort township on the coast of Utlutsky estuary, next to the Azov-Sivash national park, can be rightly considered the gates of the famous Arabatska Strilka (Spit). It is a real child’s paradise: the warm shallow sea, sandy beaches and the caressing sun invite fathers and mothers to come there with their kids. The historical center of town is not large and is located close to the beach, so it will not take you long to become acquainted with historical sights of Henichesk. The Museum of Local Lore is situated at the inter¬≠section of Myr and Petrovsky streets. Its most interesting exhibit is part of a medieval ship. Moving along Myr Street in the direction of the sea you will get to the remains of theTurkish walls and a complex of buildings of the Monastery of the Nativity of the Holy Virgin (1905). The last amusing “object” on the way to the sea is Kalimbet’s farmstead (1909).

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