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Route leads from Krasnokutsk to the north, to the village of Horodne . On entering the village we make for the arch that is near the road on the right. Behind the arch begins the territory of the former winery. In Soviet times it produced the famous “Fruit-berry,” “Apple cider” and the like.

The winery was built in the terrain of the old estate “Natalivka” that belonged to the well-to-do Khorytonenko family. One of the richest “sugar kings” of the Russian empire, he built the so-called “Singing terraces” on the slopes of the Merla River. Five artificial terraces that formed an amphitheater on the river-bank were planted with pear-trees. Acoustics of this place produces an unforgettable impression. During windy weather the terraces really sing! The question “why” could be answered by the architect, but the secret of it passed away together with him. According to oral tradition the famous operatic basso Feodor Chaliapin sang on the terraces. Today the pear-trees are no more. In their place grow wild apple-trees. However, it is possible to sing in unison with the terraces even today…

If you are interested in such musical experiments we advise you to descend to the amphitheater – from the former winery down through a sparse forest to the river-bank. You can leave your car near the shop opposite the winery. The remains of once strong steps lead to the impromptu stage near the river…

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