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Nestor Makhno was born in 1888 in the district center of Huliaypole, 99 km. away from Dnipropetrovsk. According to legend, when he was baptized, the priest’s cassock and beard caught fire from a candle. So the priest prophesied that the child’s future would be unusual. N. Makhno (by the way, the inventor of the famous machine-gun “cart”) assembled a peasant army over 100-thousand strong and fought against all possible enemies, putting into reality the Ukrainian peasant’s dream of a happy life outside the domain of any state or political structure. As such the ataman went down in the national folklore forever. In 1920 he entered into a military and political alliance with the Bolsheviks. The detachments commanded by N. Makhno were the first to attack Perekop and Crimea. But a year later, because of disagreements with Soviet power, he had to emigrate to France, where he died and was buried in Paris. It is in­teresting to note that in 1968, during youth manifestations in Paris, the students wrote on the walls of Sorbonne ” Viva Nestor Mahno!.” Hulyaypole Museum of Local Lore.

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