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We start our trip from , a city on the Siversky Donets River, which administratively belongs to Kharkiv oblast, but Donetsk region is nearby. The notorious Izium road, which was frequently used by the Crimean Tatars for attacks, ran through the city. In the 17 th century a fortress appeared there to protect the land from devastating raids. A point of interest of those times is the Transfiguration Cathedral (12 Staroposhtova St) built in 1684 on money of colonels G.Donets and F.Shidlovsky. Executed in Ukrainian baroque the temple remains the architectural dominant of the city today as well. Another sanctuary – the Ascention Church (2 Komsomol St.) – was built in 1826. Together with St. Nocholas’ Church (5 Sverdlov St.) they form the spirĀ­itual face of the old Cossack settlement. Kremenets Hill is the highest point in Slobodian Ukraine (218 m. above sea levĀ­el).The highway connecting Kharkiv and Donetsk is passing across its summit. It is worth stopping there. Over the highway, on the left, there are lined up stone images; on the right, behind the hotel, there is a magic view of the Siversky Donets valley, the boundless forests and beautiful outskirts. To the left there is a monument commemorating the bloody battles for Izium during the Great Patriotic War.

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