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Khmelnytsky, formerly known as Proskuriv, and now an important railway junction, the city of banks and the biggest clothing market in Ukraine, was founded in 1434. Those who want to see memorial plaques of the Soviet period will be satisfied to find them on the facades of buildings in the center of the city. Unfortunately, there are no other architectural monuments there. Of certain interest may be the expressive monument to Bohdan Khmelnytsky (1993, sculptor V.Borysenko) in Pryvokzalna Square, and the monument to warriors who perished in Afghanistan (Teatralna St.). There are sev­eral cafe and restaurants in the city where you can rest before further journey. Information on the history and culture of the city will be pro­vided at the historical museum (30 Proskurivska St.), museum of local lore (12 Podilska St.) and art museum (47 Proskurivska St.).

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