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The next stop is the legendary Koktebel, a township of artists and writers, a real Crimean Parnassus created by the authority and energy of Maximilian Voloshin. The house of the famous poet and artist, built after his own project in 1903-1912, received in summers of the early 20 th century well-known perĀ­sons such as A.Tolstoy, M. Bulgakov, N.Gumeliov, K.Chukovskiy, the sistersTsvetaeva, J.Mandelshtam, A.Grin, K. Bohayevsky, and many others. Now it is M. Voloshin Museum. M.Voloshin died in 1932 and was buried on a Koktebel hill; the staff of the museum can organize excursions to the poet’s grave.

Maximilian Voloshin is an example of real humanism. During the flash-like changes of power in the Crimea in the 1920 s he concealed in his house simultaneously the poet J.Mandelshtam from the White terror, and a White Guard officer from the Red terror.

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