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The first stop is linked with the recent past. The settlement of Kozyn retains the memory of two prominent figures – the singer Anatoliy Solovyanenko and the soccer coach Valeriy Lobanovsky.

While departing from Kyiv, in Koncha Zaspa, you will see the training center of the legendary soccer club “Dynamo” situated on the left side of the road. The restaurant-museum of the famous coach, thanks to whom the team had reached outstanding achievements, is located on the right near the turn to Kozyn. The premises of “Lobanovsky Club” were built during his life. His friends, colleagues and partners came here just to get caught up with one another. Here they celebrated victories and analyzed defeats. Today the club contains a bar and museum of the outstanding epoch of Ukrainian soccer. To visit it presents no problem, but if you want to sit for a while at the quiet restaurant, you should order a table beforehand. Kyivites come here willingly with their families over the weekend; it has a video room and children’s playground with experienced mentors.To visit the tomb of the famous tenor you should drive down the main street to the center of the settlement, and then turn right to the cemetery. The monument to Anatoliy Solovyanenko can be seen from the road: the silvery figure of the singer seems to have left the stage…

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