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Back to the highway that leads to the ancient city of Korostin. Back in the X century it was the centre of drevlyanska land. The legendary Iskorosten was burned down by princess Olga as a revenge for her killed husband prince Igor. Over the Uzh river there is a monument to the prince Malu, that offered Olga a marriage as a way of peacefully ending the story of her greedy husbands murder. It was rejected and paid a dire price for their rebellion. On the hill near the prince-defender’s monument a town is being built as a resemblance of an ancient fortress. Inside the rock there is a masked fortification «Skelya», built in 30 th of XIX century. On the other bank of Uzh there is a park of M.Ostrovskyi, which holds the kamyani bryly -the granite deposits, a remembrance of the Ice age on Earth. The rocky banks of the river attract tourists and fishermen, it’s a good spot for the family rest, since there is a children playing ground, benches standing in the alleys, and a cafe-bar near the fountains.

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