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The foundation of the miner’s city in the early 20 th century is directly linked with the operation of Sorokino mine, when geologist L. Lutugin, exploring the region, discovered a large coal bed. However, intense interest in Krasnodon is con­nected with another fact. During the city’s of occupation dur­ing the Great Patriotic War an underground youth organization under the name of “The Young Guard” operated in Krasnodon. As a result of inexperience of the young people and elementary treachery the Komsomol underground existed only a few months. After arrest almost all participants were killed. However, due to A.Fadeev’s novel and its screen version, the events described had deep resonance. The matter is not the ideological basis – it is a sin to doubt the purity of thoughts of the young souls. Similar events took place almost in every town of the country – but the fact is that the figures of O. Koshevoy, U.Gromova, and L.Shevtsova became a combined image of civil resistance against the invaders. Several monuments (“Oath”, “The Unsubdued” and others) were erected in honor of Krasnodon heroes (some of them were posthumously awarded the rank of Hero of the Soviet Un­ion in 1943), and museum was opened in their honor. It is worth visiting the museum at least to make sure that patriotism, courage and strength of mind are not always only beautiful words from high rostrums…

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