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Our further route runs to Krasnokutsk. The settlement with cloistral buildings founded by Korsun migrants in the mid-17 th century has survived to our time. As regards the cloister itself, nothing of it has been practically preserved, though the old dendrological park(10Thelman St.) laid out by I. N. Karazin in his father’s estate can be of interest for tourists. N. Karazin, a colonel of Russian army, obtained these lands from Catherine II. His son, Ivan Nazarovich, in 1809 began to plant an arboretum in the outskirts of the military settlement. Traveling around the world I. Karazin collected seeds and saplings of rare flora. He managed to acclimatize about 50 species of plants; among them: ginkgo, ailanthus, Weymouth pine, silver linden, locust, and others. Apart from decorative plantations Ivan Nazarovich engaged in cultivating orchard.The gene pool he collected spread through many parks and estates of Ukraine. Today Krasnokutsk dendropark is a monument of landscape architecture. It is open for walks and excursions.

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