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Krylos is a mystical place. When you stand on the hill beside the burial-mound, where an eminent warrior was buried, you feel what Galician Rus was and continues to be. Near the monument to the defenders that died in fighting the Mongol-Tatars, there are the remains of ramparts. The memorial place contains several objects among which the remains of the foundation of the Assumption Cathedral (1157) are of special interest. The temple and Krylos were destroyed during the Mongol invasion. The Chapel of St. Basil (1500) and the Assumption Church were built of the remainders. The wonder-working icon of the Virgin of Krylos can be seen in the church. A museum exposition has been arranged in the premises that belonged to Galician metropolitans.

The princely well from which Galician princes drank water is situated at the foothills.

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