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The cave “Kryshtaleva” (Crystal) (24 km.), situated near the village of Kryvche, was first researched in 1721. Before the outbreak of the Second World War a tourist-speleologist shelter was set up close by. This tradition has been renewed lately. An excursion route, 2.5 km. long, is functioning there today.You will be told about nature and its formation, how soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army were hiding there during the war, and a legend about the White Speleologist standing perpetual guard in the underground labyrinths. Hundred-percent humidity and a steady temperature of 9-11 °C reigns in the absolute darkness.

It won’t be uninteresting to visit the remains of the castle in the village of Kryvche. Built in 1650, it played an important role in the defense of this part of Ukraine against enemy attacks. In 1672 the Turkish army seized the fortress and burnt it down, but in 1675 the Poles retook it. In the 19 th century, when the castle as a defensive structure became a thing of the past, its new owner, Seidman by name, began to dismantle it for building material. However, the Monument Conservation Association prohibited these actions. Two towers and the remains of the walls have been preserved.

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