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Kryvorivnia is yet another significant locality of Hutsulia situated on the banks of the Chornyi Cheremosh River (first mentioned 1719). It is the place where Ukrainian culture was ever flourishing. There were an amateur theater, school, hospital. Many of its inhabitants joined the detachments of 0. Dovbush, I. Pysklyvy, and M.Baiurak. Until the close of the 19 th century the highlanders practiced democratic self-government in the form of a general public meeting. Ivan Franko glorified the village in his literary works. On invitation of the local specialist in folklore, V. Hnatiuk, the poet came to Kryvorivnia for summer holidays in course of 12 years. The origin of the village’s name is not known. However, the most popular version states that it is linked with the duality of the local landscape. In the first third of the 20 th century Kryvorivnia was known as “Hutsulian Athens.” In summertime the Ukrainian literary and political elite gathered there for recreation. In Kryvorivnia M. Kotsiubynsky wrote his famous “The Shades of Forgotten Ancestors,” and S. Paradzhanov shota film after this story.

The wooden Church of the Nativity of the Virgin (1818, founded 1719) with an interesting murals of the 19 th century may be of certain interest. During the First World War many Hutsuls fought in the ranks of the Austro-Hungarian army. They showed special valor in the legion of the Ukrainian Sichovi Striltsi (riflemen of the Sich). I. Franko Literary-Memorial Museum is functioning in the village.

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