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The little settlement of in the east of Chernihiv region can hardly remind one of the annalistic town whose hoary age – more than 1125 years – is worthy of special notice. Restless researchers have many facts proving that these terrains were populated in prehistoric times, but we’ll leave this designed subject for specialists and won’t go beyond the period of Kyivan Rus. Liubech was mentioned by Nestor the Chronicler and Kostiantyn Bahrianorodny as a great trade, military and strategic center. It was the birthplace of the legendary Dobrynia Nikitich and Reverend Antoniy Pechersky (the name is derived from the word “pechera”-“cave.”) The famous devotee of monkhood founded in his native land a monastery of the caves. In the 11 th and 12 th centuries Rus princes gathered in Liubech to discuss the problem of the growing internecine dissensions, however, to no effect… A century later the town was overflowed with the bloody Mongol wave. It took Liubech several centuries to rise from ruin, but its former grandeur was never restored. The stone building of hetman Polubotko is considered the oldest memorial of the town but the monks’caves. The Church of the Transfiguration (1811-1817) was built on money of the last owne of the town, Myloradoviches, and became the family burial-vault. The temple in empire style is situated in Chervona Square.

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