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Following route towards Gaspra we make a stop to see the miniature castle “Swallow’s Nest”, which has be­come the emblem of the Crimea. Then we continue our trip to Livadia, the Crimean residence of the last Russian czar Nicholas II. Livadia Palace was built in 1911 after the project of N. Krasnov. The new palace was planned for family recreation, so reception-rooms are not many. The architect tried to create a dwelling filled with sun, fresh air and greenery.The quiet home with marble columns was buried in ver­dure of subtropical flora – the imperial family was in raptures over this beauty created during 17 months. However, happiness did not last long – the coun­try was on the threshold of world war. At the close of World War II the palace received Yalta (map of Yalta) conference where the heads of the allied states (U.S.A., Great Britain and the Soviet Union) discussed the fate of the post-war Germany. More than once the interiors of the palace have been used by cinematographers.

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