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Following route coastwise we get to the city under the fanciful name of Melitopol situated on the Molochna River. In Greek this name means “honey city.” It is not known what Catherine II was guided by when changing the former name of Novooleksandrivka (antiquity was in fashion at that time), but for the in­habitants of Ukraine the city is associated with first delicious sweet cherries and juicy water-melons.

As regards historical memorials of the city, they are not many. It is worth paying heed to the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky (5 A. Nevskv St.), the building of the Agrotechnical Academy, Museum of Local Lore  which in 1921 appeared on the basis of the archaeological collection of D.Serdiukov – researcher of Scythian burial mounds of the area. Unexpected enough is the monument to the famous bard Vladimir Vysotskiy.

Flora and fauna of the Sea of Azov coast are under state protec­tion. South of Melitopol there is the resort settlement of Kyryilivka, where you can put up for several days.

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