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The extreme east of Ukraine is a bound­less wavy plain with low hills and chalky terraces along the Aydar, Lugan, and Derkul rivers. It is the land of Cossacks, wild steppes, and vast expanses. The de­scendants of the Don Cossack villagers try to save not only picturesque nature of the area (numerous reserves and preserves are located there – Striltsivsky steppe, Yunytske terrain, Village-Luhansk reserve and various branches of the grandiose Luhansk natural reserve), but also support the old traditions of horse breeding – a number of stud-farms in Luhansk region are engaged in breeding runners of the Ukrainian breed. In the vicinity of the settlement of Milove there is the Striltsivsky steppe, where the population of the marmot European, which is entered in the Red book, has been preserved. Among protected flora there are feather-grass, sage, sheep’s fescue and others. This is no surprise that the settlement is known as the Cossack equestrian theater.

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