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Not far away from Irdynski marshes in Cherkasy region there is the large settlement of Mliiv – the family estate of the glori­ous Ukrainian kin of the Symyrenkos (1780-1867). The founder of the dynasty, Fedir Symyrenko (1780-1867), after redeeming himself from serfdom, founded the industrial firm “Yakhnenkos and Symyrenkos,” which in the 1830 s-40 s became a leading com­pany in the field of grain, flour, cattle and skin trade. In 1861 the firm built the steamer “Ukrainets” (Ukrainian) with a metal hull. Symyrenko brothers became famous patrons of art. Considerable part of their profits they donated for the development of Ukrain­ian culture – book printing, theater, education. It is known that Platon Symerenko came to Taras Shevchenko to reprimand him for the fact that the poet put on the cover of “Kobzar” a note read­ing “Published on money of Platon Symerenko.” The grandchild of Fedir Lev Symyrenko, a prominent scientist-gardener, founded in Mliiv a nursery and received recognition as a researcher of fruit and berry cultures. From 1952 the Symyrenkos Family Museum and L. Symyrenko Mliiv Gardening Institute have been operating in the estate.

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