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Mohyliv-Podilsky is a frontier city, which was founded in 1595 by the Moldavian ruler Yeremia Mohyla as a fortress for the protection of population from nomads’assaults. Yeremia presented the city to his son-in-law S. Potocki. The latter, as a token of gratitude, called it in honor of his father-in-law Mohyliv. Owing to favorable location and in the presence of numerous Greek and Armenian merchants trade rapidly flourished in the city.

From Mohyliv-Podilsky Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyi set off for a victorious campaign against Khotyn in 1621. During the war of 1648-1654 the local population supported Cossack detachments. Unfortunately, the conflagration of 1808 annihilated most of the city’s buildings and the castle. Merchants left the city, and a Jewish community took their place later on. In 1811 czarist government purchased the city from Count Felix Potocki for 587,220 thousand rubles in silver.

As far back as 1643 a custom-house was opened there. In Soviet times, for the purpose of defending the frontier, a fortified area, 120 km. long and 5 km. wide, was built in the vicinity of the city. In 1992 the custom-house resumed its work. Situated at the intersection of trade routes from Moldova to Ukraine,

Mohyliv remained an important center for a long time, and by population it even exceeded Kamyanets-Podilsky. Unfortunately, the revolutions, wars and the famine of the 20 th century took not only thousands of human lives, but also most architectural and cultural monuments.

On leaving the city in the direction of Yampil you will see a look­out platform where from a beautiful scenery of the Dniester valley opens up before your eyes.

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