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The city of situated at the mouth of the Bug estuary. A need to found a city emerged just after another Russian-Turkish war. In 1788 G. Potiomkin, gover­nor – general of the lands joined to Russia shortly before, started building a dockyard near which, on the peninsula between the two rivers, appeared a city named after Saint Nicholas, the pro­tector of sailors. It’s better to become acquainted with the city from the embankment, where the Ingul River joins the South­ern Bug. The gate and the walls of the dockyard (1848) have survived to our time. Several architectural monuments have been preserved not far away from the Communards Square -the Old Sailor’s Barracks (1 st half of the 19 th century) and the male gymnasium (1850). On feasting your eyes upon the river reaches and the sails of numerous yachts (the local yacht-club was opened in 1889) we return to Admi­ral’s Street. Passing by the old German Lutheran Church (1848, 12 Admiral’s St.) we make for the museum of the history of shipbuilding and fleet (1793, arch. P. Neiolov, 4 Admiral’s St.).

The building of the museum is the former house of Chief Commander of the Black Sea Fleet. The museum collection contains models of ships launched from Mykolaiv dockyard, (in­cluding the famous “Potiomkin” battle­ship), navigation devices, documents, dioramas illustrating the history of the development of the city and shipbuilding. Beside the museum there is the alley of naval commanders with the busts of Admirals F. Belinzgauzen and M. Lazarev, the researchers of Antarctica; F. Ushakov, one of the founders of the Black Sea Fleet; the hydrographer A.Buta-kov; the heroes of the Crimean War of 1853-1856 P. Nakhimov and V. Kornilov. A monument to Vice-Admiral Makarov, na­tive of Mykolaiv, who organized two circumnavigations, was erected at the beginning of Naval Boulevard. Near the museum there are located old buildings: the Naval Headquarters (1793, 4 Admiral’s St.) and the Officers’ Assembly (1824.7 Artvlerivska St.). Mykolaiv has the largest zoo of Ukraine (2 Zhovtnevvi St.), the oldest observatory in Eastern Eu­rope (1827, 1 0bservatorna_Stl. The Cathedral of the Nativity of the Holv Virgin (1800.10 Liaain St.), the Church of St. Nicholas (1817, 4 Faleivska St.), and the Church of All Saints (1807, 35 Stepova St.) are the oldest Orthodox temples of the city.

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