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The settlement of MYKULYNTSI was first mentioned in Prince Volodymyr Monomakh’s” Teaching” of 1096. Later this locality was part of Terebovliansky (11 th c), Galician (12 th c), and Galician-Volhynian principalities (from 1199). The first owner of the castle in the 16 th-17 th centuries was Anna from the Seniawskies family.

The defensive tower and the remains of the walls have been preserved to this day. Later on the fortress belonged in turn to the magnates Konecpolski, Zbararzski, and Liubomirski.

Some of its premises are still in use as dwellings so to get inside is sometimes difficult. Beside the remains of the fortress, in the middle of the park, there is the 18th-century palace built in place of the old palace of the Potockies’ family.

Today it is the Mykulyntsi regional physiotherapeutic hospital (2 Halytska St.). As a matter of fact it was not the first attempt to set medical affairs going in Mykulyntsi.

As far back as 1815 the estate became the property of Baron Knopka, who dreamed of creating an elitist balneology health resort on the basis of the local mineral waters.

However, Mykulyntsi’s real gem is the Baroque Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity (1761-79) (architect A. Moshinsky).

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