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Researchers assume, that Myrhorod was founded in the times of Kyivan Rus as an observation post on the eastern borders of the old Rus state. It was a convenient place for carrying on peace negotiations with neighbors, which gave birth to the name of Myrhorod (Peace town). The history of the city is closely inked with the formation of the Ukrainian Cossacks. Myrhorod Cossack regiment took an active part in the Liberation war of 1648-1654 under the leadership of Bohdan Khmelnytsky. In 1727 the Myrhorod Colonel Danylo Apostol was elected hetman of the Left-bank Ukraine. The talented icon-painters Borovikovsky came from a local Cossack family. Myrhorod is the native land of the writer-brothers Rudchenko known under the pseudonyms of Ivan Bilyk and Panas Myrnyi. Literary critics consider that Nikolay Gogol’s Myrhorod Colonel Matviy Hladkyi was a prototype of the famous Taras Bulba. The classic of Georgian literature, David Guramishvili, lived in Myrhorod for a long time. Myrhorod Museum of Local Lore is functioning in the city (110 N. Gogol St.).

As a health resort known far beyond the borders of Ukraine Myrhorod sprang up in 1912 after doctor Zubkovsky (1843-1933) discovered there a mineral spring. A hospital founded in 1916 quickly expanded. Since 1947 it has been specializing in medical treatment of the nervous system, and since 1953, the diseases of the alimentary canal. The local mineral water “Myrhorodska”enjoys wide popularity. Historical monuments are few in number, but it is worth visiting the hydraulic establishment (1914-1917,148 Gogol St., territory of ‘Khorol” sanatorium). The engineer V. Zubov and doctor A. Halushinsky were the authors of the project made after the sketches of artist A. Slastion. The building is a characteristic example of Ukrainian modernist art. Myrhorod as a health resort is quickly developing today. In addition to its medical institutions it offers recreation in the form of numerous night-clubs, beaches, coffee-houses and restaurants.

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