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Novi Petrivtsi

The best way to get to the memorial complex in the village of Novi Petrivtsi is to start from Vyshgorod citadel. From Kalnyshevsky St. you should turn to Vatutin St., then move northward, and on covering a few kilometers you will find yourself in Novi Petrivtsi. In the center of the village noteworthy are the Intercession Church and the memorial sign “To Heroes of the Liutizh Bridgehead.” The road proceeds to the new complex erected in the outskirts of the village, where in October ¬≠early November 1943 was located the command post of the 1 st Ukrainian front. Memorable events took place in this land more than half a century ago -in the course of Kyiv offensive during World War II the capital city of Ukraine was liberated from the Nazi invaders. The museum-diorama acquaints the visitors with the pages from heroic history. Inside the original structure there is a grandiose canvas The Battle of Kyiv. Liutizh Bridgehead. 1943. The author of the diorama is the famous master M. Prisekin (initially the battle canvas was exhibited in the Intercession Church). The exhibition of the State museum-reserve contains some examples of weapons and equipment of the period of World War II, the above-mentioned diorama, the museum-monument to the liberators of Kyiv, the reserved territory, where fragments of trenches, dugouts, and the command-strategic post of the front and army commanders have been preserved.

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