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Novyi Svit

After visiting the colony we advise you to ride westward to Novyi Svit. In the past this picturesque settle­ment was named “paradise.” In 1878 Prince L.Golitsin purchased these lands, laid out vine­yards, and built a winery. Champagnes of Prince Golitsin caused a sensation at the Paris wine exhibition in 1900, and were award­ed Grand-prix. The winery has been working so far, producing the best Ukrainian champagnes. At the museum (11 Chaliapin St.,) you may become acquainted with the history of development of wine-making in Ukraine, and order an excursion to the winery, visiting the tasting room.

Another zest of the settlement is the so-called Golitsin’s path, which was made in the rocks jutting out into the sea and forming three beautiful bays – Dark Blue, Green, and Sky Blue. A walk along the path is paid, because the capes Koba-Kaya, Kapchik and Karaul-Oba with their thickets of rare dendriform juniper have been declared a reserved zone. The park­ing lot is located at the eastern outskirts of the ‘settlement; further you goon foot. The next route is leading to Feodosia. You can turn right in Schebetovka in the direction of Kurortne and visit the biological station with a pool, where dolphins and fur seals give performances. There is a shady park there. Scientific workers of the biostation organize excur­sions to the mountain range Karadag. The trip takes a few hours so you must have with you appropriate footwear, a hat, and drinking water. You will see landscapes of unprecedented beauty so fatigue can be ignored.

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