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From Olbia we proceed to the city of Ochakiv. The city’s complicated history in which the Grand Lithuanian Duchy, the Ottoman Porte and Russian Empire left their traces remained in the past. Today the city, which was a sea bulwark of the empire in the northern Black Sea mariĀ­time regions, is a quiet health resort with long sandy beaches and the mild sea.

Don’t miss an opportunity to visit (11 Lenin St.) and become acquainted with the rich history of the settlement, which is really noteworthy. You will see the pages from the history of the ancient Greek city state, the Slavic settlement, the fortress of the time of the Great Lithuanian prince Witowt, the fortification of Kara-Kermen of the period of the Crimean ruler Mengli-Hirey, the Osman Achi-Kale, and Potiomkin’s Ochakov. Field-Marshal A. Suvorov became famous for another time during the storm of the Turkish citadel. A monument to the prominent military commander was erected nearby the museum.

Among sacral memorials mention should be made of the Church of St. Nicholas (19 th cent., 2 Kirov St.) built in place of a mosque.

Lieutenant P. Schmidt is considered a legendary person of the city; an expressive monument to the hero is a pride of the citizens.

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