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Our trip continues to the west – really the wild west of the steppe scorched by the sun, forbidding coast cliffs, mysteri­ous grottoes, and the pure Black Sea. In the past non-official holiday-makers, with tents, aqualungs and songs around night fires, gathered in the village of Olenivka located on the coast of Karadzhinska bay. By now this settle­ment has turned into a little health resort, so tourists settle away, a bit to the north of the township, in the terrain of Dzhangul, or in the gully Velykyi Kastel. The latter has a well. However, let us return to the outskirts of Olenivka. In the village there is the house of Major-General V.Popov, a grandee of Catherine II. Of special interest is the Tarkhankut beacon built in 1816 on the cape extending into the sea for 4 km. south of the village. To see the territory and go upstairs 40 me­ters high is allowed only with excursions, for the beacon is op­erating. Its light can be seen from the sea at a distance of about 20 kilometers. From the beacon the earth road leads southeast to the snow-white cliffs under the names of Great and Little Atleshes. 40-60-meter-high limestone steep mountainsides form a picturesque coast line. In summer it is made colorful with tents and cars.

The 98-meter-long tunnel made by the waves in the rock mass of the Little Atlesh is noteworthy for its transparent depths with nimble fishes clinging close to the white under­water walls. From the rock “Turtle” located on the Great Atlesh dare-devils dive into the stormy waves. There are innumerable grottoes, caves, awnings, piratical bays…

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