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Opishnia – an old Cossack town generally known as the capital of Ukrainian pottery – is situated 45 km. away from Poltava on the picturesque hills over the Vorskla River (Poltava-Hadiach highway). It was first mentioned in chronicles of the 12 th century. Later it became the property of the noble family of Hlynsky. For a long time a Cossack company of one hundred soldiers was quartered there. Historians consider that the town reached its fullest flower in the 18 th century when, owing to the development of trade and handicrafts, it had more than 200 workshops. A unique structure of pottery in Ukrainian modernist style has been preserved in Opishnia. It was built after the project of the well-known Ukrainian architect Vasyl Krychevsky (1916) with the furnaces of the early 20 th century. A visit to Opishnia is a wonderful opportunity to acquire ceramic souvenirs. The National museum-reserve of Ukrainian pottery has been functioning in Opishnia since 1989 (Opishnia, 102Partvzanska St).

The frameworks of oil and gas derricks are usual for Poltava landscapes. This oblast is the main power base of Ukraine.

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