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After a tour of Bila Tserkva pay a visit to the village of Parkhomivka. To get there start from Soborna Square, cross the bridge over the Ros’River, then follow Druzhba Street in the direction of Volodarka. On reaching route drive some 20 km to the south up to the left turn to Tarasivka. Go ahead to Tadiivka and turn right near three-storied buildings of red brick. After a few kilometers you will come to Parkhomivka. The settlement was founded in he 16 th century, and flourished when the engineer V.Golubev became its owner. The Councillor of State was in charge of communications. The grateful descendants erected a monument to the engineer near the Intercession Church, the main landmark of the village. This wonderful temple, raised after the design of the architect V. Pokrovsky (awarded the title of academician for this creation), is considered a masterpiece of the national architecture. The mosaic panel, made after the drawings of N.Roerich, is an adornment of the church.

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