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Those who love picturesque scenery may deviate from the offered route and delight the landscapes in the village of Pechera situated on the steep bank of the Southern Bug River, From the 16 th century Pechera belonged to the magnates Zbarazkies. During the Turkish rule these terrains were intensively populated, which was caused by the Sultan’s edict of 1682 according to which the Moldovian ruler Duk was appointed regent of the Right-bank Ukraine. The cunning Greek rose very rapidly, mounting the Moldavian throne through marriage and conspiracies. It was him who began to build a stone palace and laid out a park in Pechera. Yurko Khmelnytsky was the next owner of the estate, but he transferred his capital city to Nemyriv. The palace decayed. In 1764 part of its bricks was used for the foundation and fence of the local wooden Christmas Church (1764). Near the church there is a bell tower (1865). A mausoleum (arch. V.Gorodecki) made in romantic style to order of Constantine and Yanina Potocki in the early 20 th century has been preserved in the park. An interesting story is connected with the building of the temple. When Gorodecki received the proposal, he agreed right away. On completing the work the architect decided to take no fee on account of profound respect for the magnate. Then Potocki presented the architect with an expensive enchased rifle. Gorodecki did not take the present, saying that the rifle should be kept at the estate, and that he would be coming there for hunting.

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