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If you have spare time and desire, you may pay a visit, on your way to Pryluky, to the family nest of Pavlo Tychyna – an ambiguous figure in the history of Ukrainian poetry. Comparing the wonderful lyric poetry of his Sunny Clarinets with the severe primitivism of his poems created in the epoch of Stalinist terror, it seems that different people wrote those lines…

The poet’s memorial estate is situated in the center of the village of PISKY. Route H 07 leads to Nova Basan, where you should turn right. After the turn the road is in a very bad state!.

On the way to the famous Chernihiv parks we recommend you to visit Pryluky – the former regimental town. In the mid-17 th century Pryluky was a big city, which had a fortress, palaces, temples, markets, handicraft guilds, and so on. The Transfiguration Cathedral (1720, 1 T. Shevchenko St.) and St. Nicholas Church with a bell tower and gate, which once served as the gate of Pryluky fortress, have survived from the time of the Cossack state. The remains of the defensive ramparts can be seen in 16 S.Ordzhonikidze St. In the territory of the fortress was located the regimental treasury, where the regiment’s insignia and money were kept. A few years ago the Church of the Purification of St. Mary housed the museum of local lore. Almost all architectural monuments in Pryluky are concentrated in the area adjacent to the city’s central square.

Yet another sanctuary, the Monastery of the Holy Trinity founded in the early 17 th century in the land of the princes Vyshnevetskies, is found beyond the outskirts of Pryluky, near the village of HUSTYNIA. In the last quarter of the 17 th century brick structures built on money of the Cossack chiefs replaced wooden constructions. Recently the monastery has been restored – its gate is hospitably open to visitors. From Pryluky we return to Route H 07 and move in the direction of Sumy. Shortly after you will see the direction sign to Hustynia.

A wonderful trip to the palace and park complex “KACHANIVKA” can be spoiled a little by the state of the road. The first direction sign to “Kachanivka” invites you to turn from Sumy highway to the left, immediately after Pryluky, via Borsha-Riashky-lvanytsia. This road is good enough, but more suitable for tanks. A longer, but better road is Route H 07 via Okhynky. A few kilometers after Okhynky turn left in the direction of Sokyryntsi (the story of the palace and park will be set forth below). Following Route T 25 29 you pass Vaskivtsi,Trostianets (the story of the park is below) and turn to Pivdenne, Parafiivka. From the center of Parafiivka the road turns left to Kachanivka – a small khutor (about fifty dwellers) beyond the southern outskirts of Parafiivka.

The name “Kachanivka” originates from the nickname of one of first owners of the estate – the opera singer F.Kochenovsky. The estate reached its fullest flower in the mid-19 th century, when it belonged to the landlords Tarnovksies. Vasyl Vasyliovych Tarnovsky had three passions – a Cossack collection, which he bequeathed to Chernihiv museum, landscape gardening, and women. He was a patron of art so artists, musicians and men of letters were customary visitors to his estate. Among his guests were T.Shevchenko, N.Glinka, I.Repin, Marko Vovchok, P. Kulish, S. Hulak-Artemovsky, and others. Here I. Repin painted sketches for his canvas “Zaporozhian Cossacks Writing a Letter to Turkish Sultan” in which he portrayed the owner of the estate, and many of his friends. In Kachanivka Taras Shevchenko met his last love – the “godmother” Nadia. Unfortunately, it was unrequited love.

The wonderful architectural ensemble has been preserved to our time – the palace, outbuildings (one of them serves as a small hotel so you may spend the night there), subservient premises, Glinka’s pergola, St. George’s Church, fragments of park design, ponds. Interiors of the estate are being restored in the palace rooms. “Kachanivka” is particularly beautiful in autumn; it is a unique place for spending a weekend. The “Kachanivka Muses”cultural and art festival is held here at the beginning of October.

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