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A trip through Kirovohrad bound-lees sown with sunflowers and soy begins from the small village of Rozumivka. It is situated a few kilometers away from route H 14 lead-i to the regional center. Perhaps the picturesque landscapes in the upper reaches of the Tiasmyn River incited the famous General Nikolai Rayevsky, hero of the Napoleonic war and protector of Aleksandr Pushkin who traveled with the general’s family in the 1820 s through the southern provinces of the Russian Em­pire, to acquire an estate in this quiet and modest place. The Decembrists P. Pestel, V. Davydov, and S.Volkonsky visited the estate. From here Maria Volkonska set out to Siberia to join her husband in exile. Unfortunately the estate has not survived, but the family burial-vault over the gully stood for 150 years.

The Church Of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross built by the general’s order has lost its domes and interior decor – for some time museum of local lore was located there – though a crypt under the floor of the church has survived. The burial places of the Rayevskies have been preserved there, whereas their tombstones were erected in the yard near the temple. Over the last few years serv­ice has been resumed in the church. The village of Bovtyshka near Rozumivka has a few cool lakes scattered among the deep green ravines, where you may have a good rest.

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