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Sadagura is also famous for its being a pilgrimage of Hasideans. They come here to pray at the tumbledown synagogue and to bow before the grave of the wonder-working rabbi Israel Fridman of Ruzha. His friends considered him a sage, his enemies blamed him for his passion for profusion, and common people were sure that he could predict.

However, regardless of legends and anecdotes, Israel Fridman left behind a wonderful memorial – a magnificent architectural ensemble made up of the family palace of saddiks and the synagogue-kloiz. The memorial is situated in the very center of Sadhora, not far from the final stop of fixed-route taxis. The structure of the synagogue-kloiz, which has been better preserved, is more interesting. It was built in 1842 in romantic style with Moresque motifs. One-storied structures with two-tired towers along the edges adjoin the main volume of the synagogue. Above the cornice of the main facade overhang four small brick towers adorned with ceramic decor and merlons of white stone. The main entrance is located, according to tradition, from western side, opposite the altar niche of Aron Gakodeschu. In the latter half of the 20 th century this wonderful architectural monument was fully dilapidated by Soviet industrialization.

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