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Following the picturesque highway southeast­ward, passing the aqua park, we get to the health resort Saki. The name of the city is associ­ated with Scythians (the Persians called Scythians Saki), but in reality this town has nothing to do with Scythians. It was just a whim of Catherine II to name it in compli­ance with the fashion for antiquity at that time. First medical institution, which used balneological factors of the locality – mud, brine, maritime air – began to function in 1827. Historical details you will get at the Historical-Regional Museum. The two-storied villa housing the museum was built in 1913. The well-known doctor M. Burdenko worked in Saki in the first half of the 20 th century. The town is famous for several salt-pans, one of them – Sasik-Sivash – is the largest in the Crimea. The Church of St. Elijah is the surviving sacral construction (1903, 38 Simferopol St.).

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