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Snovsk, mentioned in the Hypatian chronicle under the year 1068, was a little town, which gave birth to modern Sedniv (about 20 km. from Chernihiv ). Tourists are attracted here by the remains of the ancestral estate of the Lyzohub Cossack family. The history of the famous family of Cossack chiefs began in the 17 th century and contains a great deal of heroic and tragic pages. From Lyzohub’s stone building opens up a wonderful panorama of the Snov River.

The Church of the Resurrection was built in 1690 as the burial-vault of the former Sedniv’s owners, and has been preserved in a rather decent state. In the 1920 s the so-called “Sedniv mummies”-the well-preserved remains of the burials of the 18 th-19 th centuries – were discovered in the crypts of the church. On the Snov slopes towers up the renovated wooden Church of St. George, built in 1747 in the typical forms of Ukrainian monumental architecture. Besides sacral constructions it is worth visiting the old park attached to Lyzohub’s estate, where grows the Kobzar’s tree, a traditional tree at Chernihiv estates. It is a linden under which a poetic muse visited Taras Shevchenko (as is well known in Sedniv, which he visited in 1846 and 1847, T. Shevchenko wrote his poem “The Witch”). Also here is located L.Glibov’s pergola. The fabulist came to the estate in 1859, and here he wrote his verse “Sorrow,” which before long became a well-known song “A High Mountain Stands…”

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