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On the way to Mukacheve, at a distance of 20 km from Uzhgorod, there are interesting historical monuments in the village of Serednie. It was first mentioned in the 14 th century, although the village is certainly much older. According to a legend the fist settlers could not find a suitable place for settlement for a long time. In the end they settled in the center of the regions they had previously inspected. Perhaps this story is partially true because the village is situated exactly between Uzhgorod and Mukacheve.

The construction of the castle in the territory of the present-day village was begun by the mysterious Knights Templars, a military and religious order established in Jerusalem during crusades.

After an internecine struggle of many years Serednie became the property of the Polish noble family of Dobo.

The most famous member of the family was Istvan Dobo who took part in the heroic defense of Eger fortress during the Austro-Turkish war of 1552, when two thousand defenders resisted the Turkish army of many thousands for almost a month and a half. Captain I. Dobo had been a frequent visitor to Serednie. In 1537 he repaired and strengthened the fortress, and built wine-cellars, using Turkish captives. In the 17 th-18 th centuries the castle in Serednie changed hands more than once during the Austro-Hungarian and Austro-Turkich conflicts. During the Kuruci rebellion of 1703-1711 it was badly damaged, and with time lost its fortification significance and turned into a derelict.

From the mid-17 century to this day wines remain to be a subject of active export. The old traditions are evinced by the remains of wine-cellars of the 16 century, which have been preserved.

The remains of the fortress can be clearly seen from the Uzhgorod-Mukacheve highway.

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