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SEVASTOPOL – a city of man-of-war’s men, the biggest sea-port in the Crimean peninsula – is situated on the coasts of a bay that is about 8 km. long. For a certain time the city was closed for tourists, but times have changed so you are welcome!

The settlement that was named Sevas­topol in 1784 is more than 25 centuries of age. In the middle of the 1 st millennium B.C. ships of the Greeks, natives of the Pontius colony in Asia Minor, landed on the shores of present-day Quar­antine bay. The city state was named Chersonessos, which means “peninsula.”

It grew up and became rich, although the colonists had to defend it against the local population with strong walls. However, these walls proved helpless against the Kyiv Prince Vologymyr who seized Chersonessos to make Byzantine reckon with the interests of the young Kyivan state, or to defend against Genoa’s economic expansion. In the 13 th century the city state fell into decay, and later it was de­stroyed by the Tatars.

In 1827 the archeologist-enthusiast K. Kostsiushko-Valiuzhy-nych began to research the ruins of the antique city state, to which, according to a legend, Saint Andrew made a visit. Today this work is continued by the scientific workers of the National reserve “Tauric Chrsonessos”. From morning till night you can roam about the ancient city, visiting old Christian basilicas, the baptistery, St. Volodymyr Cathedral, the mint, antique theater, towers and walls…

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