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First written reference to Shatsk dates back to 1410 within the context of King Yagailo’s order according to which all hunters were sent to the local woods to secure meat purveyance for military needs. In 1595 Shatsk was mentioned as a small town. It acquired the status of a city in 1957. The Shatsk National Natural Park is a real natural pearl of Ukraine. It is situated on the border of Ukraine with Belarus and Poland. It was founded in 1983. Its total area is 32.5 thousand hectares, including 13.2 thousand hectares of wooded terrain. Within the boundaries of the park there are 22 lakes covering an area of 6,400 hectares. The average temperature in summer is no less than +18- +20 degrees C. The best month for a holiday is July. In 1899 academician P.Tutkovksy, after carrying out geological research, came to a conclusion that the origin of the lakes was linked with the action of glacier. Stones from Scandinavian

mountains have been lying along the lakesides so far. The largest lakes are Pulemetske, Luky, Pisochne, Velyke Chorne. Thanks to these lakes Volhynia is often called blue-eyed; Svitiaz is the best-known and the largest one. It is 9.3 km. long, 8 km. wide, up to 58.4 m. deep, and covers an area of 24.2 square kilometers. A bird’s eye view of the lake looks like a huge lying mammoth. According to a legend there are a castle and a city at the bottom, which came down at request of unprotected women during an enemy attack. The local legends like this one underlie A.Mickiewicz’s poems”Switez” and “Switezianka.” Near the lake there is a wonderful sandy beach. It is a favorite place for holiday makers. Near the lake there is a paid tourist camp where you can pitch a tent. Pitching tents and laying fires in other territories is prohibited. Tourists are allowed fishing on seven reserved lakes, namely: Svitiaz, Lutsemyr, Pulemetske, Ostrivyanske, Velyke Chorne, Luk-Peremut, Krymne. A day of fishing is liable to duty. Fishing with a rod from the lakeside is allowed if a monthly card worth 30 hryvnias is available.

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